We usually bring you news form the UK, but we thought this sewer news article from Alberta in Canada warranted inclusion.

Construction engineers in the city of Edmonton, Alberta have discovered a seventy million year old fossil of a dinosaur while digging a new sewer system in the city. The city is quite famous regarding dinosaur discoveries, with two dinosaurs already being named after the city in which they were discovered, they Edmontosaurus and the Edmontonia. And, the new dinosaur find is not related to a single species. It is believed that the bones already unearthed are from two distinctly different species, the duck billed Edmontosaurus and an Albertosaurus.

It is uncertain when sewer works will be allowed to continue, but with both finds carrying immense importance, it is estimated to be some time before work starts on the sewer again.

If you have a drainage problem at home and your waste pipe needs to be excavated, there is little likelihood that you will find dinosaur bones under the drainage system. However, drain maintenance experts will be able to rectify your problem quickly and restore your drains waste carrying capacity.

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