A 25 year old Bradford inventor has taken his newest device to London in an attempt to gain recognition for his work.

Andrew Nichols is a research engineer at Bradford University and has developed a system which can detect problems in sewers.

Mr Nichol’s device uses sensors along the length of sewer pipes which pick up untoward sound signals. The sounds can be analysed and problems such as lack of water flow or increased water flow can be determined. He commented in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“The great thing about this device is that it can pick up early on problems and stop flooding, sewers are a good example of where it would be used. I’ll be telling people at the London presentation that based on yearly figures from the Thames there were 81 properties in the city over the last year that had sewage coming into their homes because of blockages that weren’t picked up until it was too late.

“This device could stop a lot of homes and properties being damaged.”

There are devices which are currently being used in sewers which work in a similar way, but these have to be inserted into the actual water flow to take readings. Mr Nichol’s new device can work above the water surface making it easier to install and reduce maintenance time.

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