United Utilities has just unveiled their new 700 cubic metre storm water tank in Elterwater in the Lake District. The tank, the size of a swimming pool, has taken six months to complete and is completely hidden from public view, underneath Elterwater’s village car park.

The storm water tank will improve the water in Great Langdale beck, as during heavy rainfall storm water will now be held before treatment instead of being directed into Great Langdale Beck.
The £2.7m project started in January and is now complete.

The project manager, Mark Graham, stated:

“It’s been a major engineering feat but the most amazing thing to me, looking at Elterwater now, is that you wouldn’t know it was there. The car park will be restored this week and, apart from some small bits of landscaping, we will be gone by the school holidays to let the tank do its job,”

“The new tank should reduce spills to less than once a year and has been designed to meet tough new standards set by the Environment Agency.”

The company have made great efforts during the construction process to not spoil the appeal of the village and as part of the building work have used stone to build new walls, patch up roads and build a new bus shelter.

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