If you have had a blocked drain, the drain cleaning company might have used high pressure water jetting to remove the blockage. But what caused the blockage in the first place? And, is there anything you can do to stop future blockages?

After a drain blockage is removed, it is quite common for the drainage company to do a CCTV survey of the drain. This entails inserting a small video camera into the drain to find the source of the problem. It might be that the drain has just silted up after years of use and the cleaning has removed the blockage so no further problems can be seen. However, if the problem is caused by root ingress into the pipe or if the structure of the pipe is compromised further action may be needed.

Another common cause of drain blockages is due to the inside of the pipe becoming ‘scaled’. If there are sharp edges in the pipe or if the pipe has a narrow bend, this may exacerbate the problem. The pipe can be descaled effectively by using an electro-mechanical descaling machine and the pipe can thus be restored to its full waste carrying capacity.

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