As a result of storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, the UK could be facing a crippling $4 billion bill, according to PwC.

Leading industry experts PwC has raised its estimates that relate to the economic impact storms Desmond, Eva and Frank will have on the UK. With the figure now thought to top $4 billion, the combined costs of December’s storms could exceed those of the 2007 storms that hit north-east, central and southern England, and Wales.

The storms caused devastation over the Christmas period – Storm Desmond caused flooding to more than 5,200 houses in Cumbria and Lancashire alone. Over 20,000 homes were left without power, rail links were disrupted, a large number of schools were shut and many bridges were damaged.

“The economic and physical impact December’s storms have had on the UK are dramatic and they have truly left behind a trail of destruction,” says Fraser Ruthven, Head of Marketing and Growth at London Drainage Facilities.

“The estimated $4 billion that we need to set aside to tackle the aftermath is set to increase even more as there are still many flood warnings in place in parts of the UK.”

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