A man from Dundee is counting the cost of a blocked sewer that washed human waste, condoms and needles into his back garden. The cause of the problem was an overflowing sewer near his property.

Scottish water were called out to solve the problem when it first occurred last year and since then Mr Robertson, the homeowner, has had subsequent problems in February and the latest event last week. Mr Robertson’s girlfriend and three children can’t use the garden until the problem has been solved.

Scottish water confirmed that their workers had cleared a blockage at Mr Robertson’s home and a specialist contractor had visited to clean up the contaminated area. A spokesperson stated:

“If this is a recurring problem we will look to investigate further to help resolve the issue,”

Drainage problems like this can have a severe impact on a family’s life. So they should be corrected as soon as a problem is found. The contaminants in Mr Roberson’s garden pose a real risk to his family, so it’s hoped a professional drain maintenance company can solve the problem as soon as possible.

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