One of the most common reasons for blocked drainage is root infiltration. In their quest for water roots make their way into the drainage system through tiny fissures in the pipes’ structure and in the interconnecting sections between drainage pipes.

When roots have entered the drainage system they quickly multiply and can soon engulf the space within the drain. Over time the roots will block the passage of waste water completely and the flow will be blocked. This can result in waste water back-flowing through the drain and in the worst case scenario entering the home.

Drainage companies in London will quickly be able to diagnose a drainage pipe which has been blocked by roots and have the equipment to deal with this type of problem. They can insert mechanical root cutting equipment into the pipe at the site of the blockage which can cut the roots back to the internal diameter of the pipe. A liner can then be inserted into the pipe so the roots don’t grow back and cause subsequent problems.

London drainage companies also offer services such as CCTV surveys, pipe excavation and repair and drain jetting.

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