Most drainage pipes work for years with little problem. Most of us just pour bleach down the drain on a regular basis and that is where our relationship with the drain ceases. However when a drainage problem raises its ugly head it can cause significant problems and thousands of pounds of damage.

Although many people are now educated on what can and what can’t be flushed down the drainage system, drain engineers in London still see a wide range of drainage problems which have been caused by people flushing incorrect items down the drain.

Non-disposable items include:

• Nappies
• Wet wipes
• Cotton wool buds
• Facial wipes
• Sanitary wear
• Fats and grease

All the above items should be disposed of in the general waste and not flushed down the toilet.

When blockages do occur most can be removed by the simple process of drain jetting. A jet of water under high pressure is inserted into the drain and the force of the water is usually enough to break through the clog and restore the pipe to its previous waste carrying capacity. If any physical debris has been blocking the drain this can then usually be removed via the nearest manhole cover.

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