Gloucestershire Highways agency and Severn Trent are continuing to work in Longlevens to rid the town of smelly drains and sewers. A smelly drain in the region of Church Road has been causing residents problems for months. And after a £10,000 investment, the firms have finally got together to tackle the problem.

Paul James, a local councillor, stated:

“I know Severn Trent and Gloucestershire Highways are trying their best and hopefully it won’t be too long before the whole business is resolved.”

The problems seem to have been caused by a large quantity of concrete blocking the drain, so foul water could not run freely. A spokesperson from Severn Trent said:

“Both Severn Trent and the Highways Agency have invested £10,000 to deal with odour problems in the storm water drain running along Church Road.

“Highways has removed a large amount of concrete which had been dumped in the drain and was causing blockages. Severn Trent has already carried out extensive work to correct where waste pipes from houses have been wrongly connected to rainwater drains rather than the sewer system.”

The works carried out do seem to have reduced the odour problem, but Severn Trent is still going to perform a CCTV survey of the sewer network to check all connections. If any more rain water sewers have been connected to the waste water system, Severn Trent have stated they will be repaired also.

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