Everyone enjoys the festive period, it usually means some time off work and the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family. However, this time of year is one of the busiest periods for the drain cleaners in London, as they have to deal with the extra pressure homeowners put on the sewage system.

Every year tonnes of liquid fat are poured down the sink by homeowners unwittingly disposing of their turkey dinner leftovers. And although water companies spend thousands of pounds trying to promote what items can be flushed and what items can’t be flushed, thousands of drain blockages still take place over the holidays.

One of the most common problems drainage companies in London face over the festive period can be put down to fat. When you pour fat down the sink it quickly sets as it becomes cold. It doesn’t therefore travel to the sewage works, it sits in your pipes under your sink, or in the pipe before it connects to the public sewer system, and creates a place where further fat and waste debris builds up, eventually causing a blockage.

It’s only thanks to the London drainage companies who work over the Christmas and New Year periods that we can be sure our drains will stay problem free.

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