Residents in Headland Avenue, Elkesley have had enough of the drainage problems on their street after the latest problem left raw sewage floating in their back gardens.

Homeowners have seen many drainage problems over the last few years which have caused serious issues for residents. One resident has had to replace his carpets several times, as his house fills with sewage when the drain overflows.

The drains have flooded three times this year already in Feb, May and last weekend. The owner of the sewer system, Severn Trent, discovered a mixture of fats, oils and sanitary products were previously at fault. They have asked customers to take care regarding the substances that they put down their sinks.

Drainage issues like this can cause untold problems for homeowners. And the people in Elkesley are undoubtedly fed up with the problems that blocked drainage can cause. It is for this reason that all homeowners should be made aware that some substances should not be poured into the drainage system.

In some cases where the problem continues to persist, drainage companies may perform a CCTV survey to diagnose the problem. They can then suggest suitable remedial action.

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