Winter time can cause many problems as far as drainage is concerned. Freezing weather conditions mainly cause problems to water supply pipes, but the cold can cause drainage problems too.

The UK has seen freezing weather conditions over the last couple of years, which has left her country covered by a blanket of show and ice. And it’s when this ice melts that most problems occur. When snow and ice melt, the drains that leave our home struggle to cope with the increased amount of water. It’s this water, combined with the extra pressure the pipes are put under, which causes problems to our sewer network.

If any drains or sewers are not functioning correctly, when all the snow and ice melts, it further exacerbates the strain which the pipes are under. This can cause cracks in the pipes and also cause blockages, when the leaves that are still in the drainage pipes from the autumn, block the passage of the melt water.

In the worst cases, the freezing water can actually enter the pipes and stop the flow of waste water completely. When this happens, the expansion caused by the frozen ice can burst drainage pipes and can severely damage the drain.

If you have any drainage problems during the winter, it’s always a good idea to get in contact with a drainage company in London who will be able to solve all your drainage problems.

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