If a drainage pipe was found to be damaged, it used to be the case that the pipe would need to be excavated and replaced. This would not only take a great deal of time, it would also cause a great deal of inconvenience to the area directly around the drain. However, excavation is no longer needed, thanks to the introduction of drain lining and trenchless technology.

Drains can be damaged by a number of things, but mostly it’s just the effects of time which cause damage to the integrity of the pipe. Other things which can damage drains include root infiltration, subsidence, pressure damage and chemical damage.

Many drainage companies in London now offer a service where instead of excavating a damaged pipe they can simply conduct a liner repair. In this process a resin coated liner is inserted into the damaged section of pipe and then inflated so it adheres to the inner pipe surface. This liner repair, when set, will make the pipe as good as new and able to be used for as long as the pipe is in use.

Pipe liner repairs are a great way to repair a broken or damaged pipe without the need for excavation.

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