After years of use, it is no wonder that on occasion drainage pipes can be broken or become misaligned due to subsidence. You may not realise this is even a problem until you have a blocked drain nor your drain starts to smell.

Drain cleaning and maintenance professionals can conduct a survey on your drain using CCTV cameras to see if this is the problem and then suggest a suitable remedy. If the drain is in an accessible location or if the drain is beyond repair, they may suggest the drain is replaced for new. However, if there is only a small section of pipe damaged or if the drain is inaccessible, it may warrant a liner repair.

What is a drain liner repair?

If a drainage pipe is damaged under your property, the drain maintenance experts can actually repair the pipe in situ. The repair involves inserting an epoxy coated liner into the pipe at the point of damage. The liner is inflated to the correct dimensions of the pipe and hence seals any cracks or breaks.

It is inevitable that the diameter of the pipe will be reduced slightly because of the repair but the flow rate should be substantially increased.

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