It has been reported that a recently built pavilion in the small town of Beaminster in South West England has been beset with flooding due to problems with the drainage.

The pavilion had cost the civil parish in West Dorset £400,000 and it now looks like the local council will incur further costs in order to rectify this issue.

The blockage is said to have been caused by worn out pipes, but the root cause has still not been established.

Gilbert Berry of Beaminster Town Council said:

“What we have now found is we’ve had some flooding from the shower unit.

“We thought it was tied to the building itself but found out that at the front of the building there’s a chamber. Between that and one at the top of the road there seems to be a blockage.

“It’s up and running it’s just the share volume through the shower and toilet facilities where they are having a problem.

“When the pavilion is used quite a bit, like when the sporting teams are using the shower unit, not all the water goes down and it starts to get a build up. We are now trying to rectify that problem.”

When you find you have a situation like this one, with lots of problems to the drainage system, it is important to turn to the industry professionals to remove the blockage and repair the pipes.

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