With the economy feeling the backlash of the economic downturn, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a mortgage. And while in the past the banks and building societies were ‘throwing’ money at applicants, they are now taking the responsibility of money lending more seriously.

If you have applied for a mortgage on a property, you will of course need at least a basic valuation survey, so that the mortgage company can recover their money if you are unable to make your future monthly payments. And the surveyor will visit your house to check the integrity of the building.

One thing he may suggest in the survey report, depending on what he finds, is a drainage inspection report. A complete renewal of a drainage system can cost a fair amount of money, so the mortgage company may need to be aware of any issues before lending you the cash.

Drainage companies in London can carry out inspections of your drainage system as requested by mortgage companies, so that the agreement of the mortgage application can take place. From detailed surveys of the entire drainage system, to a check of the general condition of your drains have the equipment to do the job.

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