One of the most common problems found when investigating a blocked sewer or drainage pipe is the presence of an object in the drain that simply shouldn’t be there. Many residents in the city of London still believe that they can use the drainage systems as a way of disposing of a range of items which simply shouldn’t be flushed down the drain.

Some of the items which cause blockages in London include:

• Nappies
• Face wipes
• Sanitary wear
• Cotton buds
• Paper towel
• Clothing rags
• Fat

It’s not uncommon for drainage experts who are unblocking a drain to first have to remove an item from the drainage pipe before the free flow of waste water can be established. However using tools such as CCTV survey equipment alongside things such as the latest jetting equipment the drainage experts can solve many of the problems they find without the need to excavate the site.

Most drainage problems can be resolved at the first call out as the drainage teams in London have a vast amount of experience in what may be causing the problems and how to go about fixing it.

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