If the drainage problems that you have been experiencing have been found to be a damaged pipe, you may be concerned that the ensuing excavation and repair may not only just be very expensive but may also cause a lot of disruption. This doesn’t have to be the case however, as drainage engineers can now make repairs to pipes without the need for excavation.

Repairing cracked drainage pipes in situ

If a drain is found to be cracked, one solution that can be used by a drainage company is a liner repair. The drainage company will insert a resin impregnated liner into the pipe which is blown into place. The resin impregnated liner is then inflated, so it moulds to the internal shape of the pipe and is left to set. The repair will restore the pipes structural integrity and stop roots entering the drainage network. It will also stop waste water entering the water table and hence protect the environment. There will be a little loss in diameter of the pipe, but this is compensated for by the return of the pipe to its full waste carrying capacity.

If excavation is needed, the exact position can be determined easily using the latest positioning technology, so only a small area will need to be dug to replace the damaged section.

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