Since the beginning of October 2011 government enforced changes to the ownership of drains has left many homeowners confused as to who is responsible should they have a drainage problem.

It used to be the case that the homeowners themselves were responsible for all the waste water drainage which left their property until it reached the public sewer system. This could even involve a stretch of pipework which was not within your property boundary.

The changes meant that all the lateral drains and private sewers would now form part of the public sewer network. Put simply, if any drain on your land is used by more than one property it will now be the local waste water company’s responsibility. It also means that when the drain leaves your boundary it is no longer your responsibility.

The changes mean that waste water companies now have thousands of miles of extra drainage to look after which has put them under increasing strain.

It’s worth noting that any drainage which is solely used by yourself is still your responsibility and costs for repairs to these pipes must be met by the homeowner.

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