Residents in Chesham are currently facing problems due to the drainage work in some parts of Chesham’s Market Square. Drainage maintenance is one of the major areas of concern for Chesham residents as such blocked drainages can lead to flooding.

The Chesham Market Square has been closed to both traffic and pedestrians. Regular inspection carried out by the Chesham county officers revealed the deteriorating condition of the drain under the Market Square. Drain maintenance officials will examine the situation of the drain before progressing with further maintenance work.

An assessment of the situation will determine the nature of work needed to fix the drain. The drain maintenance officials will guarantee public safety with the installation of temporary road barriers. The officials will ensure that the general traffic and commercial activities will not be affected by the ongoing drainage repair work. The use of barriers will make sure that passers-by and general traffic is not affected in any way.

The drain maintenance officials will also ensure that the access to the surrounding shops is not affected. This means that the shops will remain open for customers as usual.

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