Many businesses are now opting for a drain maintenance contract so that they can be sure that someone will be available to attend a drain blockage should one happen. Some drainage companies let you enter a contract where they will provide free unlimited callouts to drainage problems, so you get piece of mind that the problem will be fixed, even if it’s not solved at the company’s first attempt.

Removing scale

Lots of drainage problems in London are caused by the accumulation of scale. Scale is a mineral deposit which builds up on the insides of the pipes and as well as reducing the pipe’s diameter, causes rough edges inside the pipe where debris can become trapped.

Scale can form in any drainage pipe and can be difficult to get rid of. But although some drain cleaning products claim to remove scale from the insides of the pipes, they rarely get rid of all the scale as it is very difficult to remove via non-mechanical means.

Drain cleaning companies remove scale deposits from the inside of drainage pipes on a regular basis, so are well versed in the correct removal techniques. They use spinning cutters, which they insert into the drainage pipes, which cut the scale back and hence restore the pipes to their original waste carrying capacity.

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