The drainage pipes that leave your home will most likely have been in situ for many years with little or no maintenance. So it is not surprising that they will not be in the best state of repair. But we rarely look at our drainage systems, so how can we find out if a problem is likely to occur in the near future?

Drain maintenance professionals can perform a complete survey of your drainage system, highlighting points of weakness in the system and making recommendations as to where the system is likely to fall down.

They do this by carrying out a CCTV survey of the drainage pipes. A small camera is inserted into the drain that relays real time images to a computer screen. Using these images, the drainage professionals can look at the internal structure of the pipes to see if any damage has occurred or if a blockage or scaling is taking place.

If you have a CCTV survey done, the likelihood of a drain blockage will be greatly reduced. This can save the homeowner the time and expense that would ensue if waste water overflowed into their property.

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