If you have a leaky pipe underneath your sink it can be an inconvenience, but the problem can usually be solved in a matter of minutes. If you have a blocked drain, the issue may be a little more problematic and you might need to call a drainage company to solve the issue for you.

Drains can become blocked after years of use. They are one of the few things we rely on daily that get little care or no attention until things start to go wrong.

Drain maintenance companies are well aware of the problems that blocked or damaged drains can cause. And, when a drain becomes blocked in a large commercial establishment the knock on effects to the business can be disastrous.

Any downtime that your business may suffer as a result of a blocked drain can have a serious financial effect. As a result, yearly profits may be reduced and employees might have to take paid time off work while the drainage problem is fixed, further increasing company costs.

For large commercial organisations, it is imperative that they have a disaster recovery policy in place. And, as part of this policy, they should have an active maintenance agreement with a professional drain maintenance company. This means any drainage problems can be attended promptly and the maintenance company can perform regular surveys to locate potential problems before they escalate.

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