Drain blockages prove a nuisance for the general homeowner, but the majority of these blockages can be solved quickly and easily. However, for the commercial or business establishment, a drainage problem can have far reaching consequences.

Companies need to keep running around the clock and for this reason a drain blockage simply isn’t an option. In the worst cases of drain blockage, where the drain overflows, employees may have to be sent home for health reasons until the problem is remedied. This can hit the company where it hurts – their profit margins.

Companies that want to make sure their drains run freely 24/7 usually opt for some sort of drain maintenance programme. As part of the maintenance programme a team of drainage engineers will usually visit the site and assess the condition of the drains. They will advise on whether any cleaning or repairs need to be made. They will also provide a useful 27/7 callout out service, so you know that if you have a drainage problem, help is only a phone call away.

Drain maintenance is especially important in large cities like London, where the urban sprawl leads to overuse of the sewer network.

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