Drain lining is becoming a popular method to repair cracks in drainage pipes. Instead of a broken pipe being excavated and replaced, most pipes can now be repaired in situ by inserting a drain liner into the broken section of pipe. The drain liner adheres to the inside of the pipe and an effective seal is created.

Most cracks in drainage pipes can only be found after a CCTV survey has been carried out. The drain may be recurrently becoming blocked or foul odours may be noticed in the vicinity of the drainage pipe. When this happens the drainage professionals will have to carry out a full investigation of the drainage system so the cause of the problem can be located.

The best way that drainage professionals can look at the structure of the drainage system is to use a CCTV survey camera. The camera is inserted into the drain and images of the inside of the drainage pipe are relayed onto a computer screen, which can then be analysed by the drainage professionals.

When the location of the break in the drain has been found, an epoxy-resin liner can be inserted into the drain and blown to the damaged section of pipe. The liner then sets in situ and provides a water tight seal that no water or waste can penetrate.

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