If you live in London, you’ll be aware of the problems caused by frequent drain blockages. Drain blockages and hence repairs in London are a common occurrence, as the Victorian sewer system struggles to cope with the ever increasing population.

Drain blockages in London are a common occurrence and can cause untold problems for the homeowner and the business professional alike. In the worst cases at home, raw sewage may enter the home and can cause significant damage. For the business user the problems are usually related to whether the business is allowed to open on health grounds because of the subsequent sanitation problems.

In both the above situations it is a good idea to choose a drain maintenance contract with a London drainage company. London drainage companies offer 24/7 cover in case you have a drain blockage. They can thus be called at any time of the day or night and can solve most problems within a matter of minutes.

Most drainage problems in London can be solved using the drain jetting method. In this drain cleaning London process, a jet of water at high pressure is directed down the drain to remove stubborn grease and grime.

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