Drain jetting is an extremely effective method used to unblock drains. Because drainage systems are underground, they are usually inaccessible. So if there is a blockage in your drainage system, you need some method of unblocking the drain that does not necessitate the excavation of your entire system to locate the blockage. And this is why drain jetting is so useful.

If you have a blocked drain, drain jetting companies in London will visit your premises and send a high pressure jet of water (usually up to 4,000 Psi) down the drain to remove the blockage. Blocked drains can be caused by many things. But household debris including grease and fat are the main culprits. Over time this debris can build up in the drain until the diameter of the pipe is reduced considerably and a blockage occurs. The high pressure jet that the London drain jetting company will use, will be able to break down the grease and fat and reinstate the drain to its full waste carrying capacity.

If drain jetting does not cure the problem completely, there may be another reason for the blockage such as a damaged pipe or root intrusion into the pipe. Your drain jetting company may then suggest a CCTV survey to determine the precise reason for the blockage.

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