One of the most difficult parts of a drain cleaning expert’s job is finding out what has caused the drain blockage in the first place.

Most of the time drain blockages can be removed simply and easily by using drain jetting. In this process a jet of water is directed down the drain at pressures in excess of 2,000psi. The power of the water is usually enough to remove any blockage from the pipe and can usually solve the problem completely. However, if the same problem keeps reoccurring, the drain cleaning experts might need to ‘dig a little deeper’ to investigate the reasons for the clog.

If you have a recurring drain blockage, the drain cleaning experts in London will usually perform a CCTV survey on your drains. In this process a camera is inserted into the drainage pipe, which is then fed through the drainage system. The camera relays images back to a laptop or a diagnostic unit which can be interpreted by a qualified drainage professional.

The images may suggest that roots are the cause of the reoccurring problem, or perhaps build up of scale. Whatever the diagnosis, the drain cleaning experts in London will be able to offer a suitable remedy at a suitable price.

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