Drain jetting is the term used when condensed, pressurised water is forced into the drain at huge pressure. The sheer force of the water clears the blockage and dislodges the debris.

How do you ascertain whether your drain needs to be flushed? The best time to have you drains jetted is right after you have cleared a blocked drain. This ensures that the same blockage won’t happen again.

Your drain takes away all of your sewage and waste. And gradual and unchecked build up of grease along the inside of the drain can cause a blockage.

Drain jetting is the fastest and most eco-friendly way of clearing the blockage. A ‘drain jetting session’ lasts for a few hours depending upon the diameter of the pipe and the length of the drain and the consistency of blockage.

In some cases, roots have been found to be the cause of the blockage. In these cases a water propelled root-cutter is used to slowly trim the intrusion. CCTV’s are used to monitor the whole process, to ensure that the drainpipe is not damaged in anyway.

There are a few precautions that you can take to reduce drain blockages. Grease from cooking should never be poured down the sink. As it slides down your drain, the cooking grease will stick to the walls of the drainpipe.

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