Many residents are worried that a problem with their drainage system will mean that they have to have their drainage pipes excavated and replaced. This may mean that the garden will have to be excavated and in some cases also the driveway, causing major disruption.

Although in some cases a drain excavation is unavoidable, there is another solution to repair damaged drainage pipes. Drain lining is a method used by drainage experts to repair damaged pipes without the need for excavation.

Drain lining

To insert a liner in the drain, the drainage expert will conduct a CCTV survey to find out where the damage is along the pipe’s length. They can then ‘blow’ a resin impregnated liner into the damaged section, where it is inflated so it moulds to the internal diameter of the pipe. The resin sets hard and the drain’s integrity is restored.

Although there will be some loss in diameter when the liner is fitted, what is lost in diameter will be made up for by the increased flow rate.

Fitting a drain liner is a great alternative to difggin up a section of damaged drain.

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