Most people decorate their homes on a regular basis. They might even have a new bathroom or a kitchen; however they rarely pay any attention to their drains until they have a problem. We use the drains from our home every time we turn on a tap, every time we go to the toilet and when we turn on the dishwasher or the washing machine. So we should really make sure that they are in good working order.

If you use a drain maintenance company, they will be able to do a complete survey of your drainage system and suggest a suitable course of action if a problem is found. In hard water areas such as London, the problem is worsened because scale can build up in the drainage pipes and cause problems with waste flow. The drain maintenance company will be able to determine if your drainage pipes are scaled and will be able to remove the scale if it is thought to be warranted.

Drainage pipes that are heavily scaled will be reduced in diameter and waste can easily become trapped on the rough inner surfaces of the pipe. Your drain maintenance company will use a specialist electro mechanical drain de-scaling machine to effectively remove all the scale and restore the integrity of your sewer pipes.

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