Drainage in London frequently needs to be cleaned due to the significant amount of waste matter that the drains see on a daily basis.

Most of London’s sewer systems date back to the Victorian era, but with the expansion of the city they are now pushed to capacity, and hence any type of blockage can cause significant problems. That’s why it’s so important to have the phone number of an experienced team of drain cleaning professionals in London to hand. Because these drainage experts deal with sewer blockages on a daily basis, they know how to quickly and successfully unblock a clogged drain.

Most of the problems seen by London drainage experts are caused by the city’s residents themselves. The disposal of waste fats and oils, for instance, causes serious problems to the drainage system. When cooking fats or oils are disposed of down the drain, they quickly solidify and hence stop the flow of regular waste matter. This eventually caused a backlog and in the worst instances can cause flooding.

Using high pressure water jetting and by manually removing the fat from the drain, cleaning London’s sewers is made a much easier task by London’s drainage experts.

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