Recent flooding in Horsham has been caused by wet-wipes say sewer engineers. The non-biodegradable products were found when sewer engineers were trying to find out why sewers in Windsor Close kept causing flooding.

Drainage engineers used drain jetting equipment to clear the blockage and removed the items from the clogged drainage line.

The sewerage manager at Southern Water Steve Gray said:

“Blockages can have a dramatic impact not only on individual customers, but also on the environment, and prevention is better than cure.

“Our sewerage system is only designed to cope with human waste and small volumes of toilet paper. Items such as cotton buds, nappies, tampons and baby wipes which people flush down the toilet do not break up and usually clump together to form a ball of rags.”

It’s Southern Water’s aim to educate the general public on what can and what can’t be flushed down the toilet so sewer and drain blockages can become a thing of the past. Doing this will see huge benefits to the environment and will save the company thousands of pounds every year otherwise spent attending unnecessary drain clogs.

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