Over the past few decades, drain repair methods have improved beyond comprehension. Where in the past a problem with a faulty drain would have led to the drain being excavated and replaced, there are now a whole host of different solutions drainage companies can use to instigate a drain repair.

One of the recently used tools which has proved invaluable for drainage companies is the CCTV survey. Drainage companies are now able to see directly into the drainage system using a small camera which is inserted into the drain. Some companies even have remote controlled robots which can be inserted into the drainage system and then ‘driven’ along the drain to find the problem area.

Using CCTV cameras, the drainage company can visually see the problems with the drain so accurate repairs can be made. In the past a drain may have been excavated when it only needed jetting or intrusive roots trimmed. And sometimes whole lengths of drains were excavated to find a problem, when only a section of a few feet would now need to be replaced. Errors like these have now been eradicated and thanks to detailed surveys many of the jobs that would have taken a huge amount of time previously now only take a matter of hours to solve.

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