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Over the last 3 years London Drainage Facilities has adapted a large part of its business to providing a comprehensive drain and drainage maintenance service in London and Essex to suit a variety of systems ranging from domestic households, medium-sized restaurant chains, right through to Airport and industrial park drainage systems.

When a call is received enquiring about drainage maintenance, we will normally arrange to have a surveyor stop by and carry out a free survey in order for us to schedule together a contract showing prices and terms.

A standard contract will normally cover such items as; Urinal discharges, Wcs, down service stacks, below ground drainage and rain water gullies. Contracts are normally based on a minimum term of 1 visit, then the contract will run continuously until either party may decide to cancel. In the event of cancelling, no premiums or hidden charges will be levied.


Once a maintenance agreement is in place, all serviced drainage will benefit from unlimited FREE OF CHARGE callouts to all areas of drainage currently included within the agreement specification.

If you would like to discuss any particular items regarding this category or any of the following items please feel free to call 0800 612 2179;

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