Severn Trent Water is stepping up their public awareness campaign about what can and what can’t be disposed of in the sewer system, after a sewer network in Burton was dubbed the ‘worst in the Midlands’.

The sewer company are now calling on all residents to consider what they dispose of down their drains after fat, grease and cooking oil blocked the path of waste under a Burton street. Severn Water has even released pictures which highlight the disgusting mess in the hope customers will take note.

The company are in the middle of a ‘door-to-door’ campaign, which is getting an encouraging response. However their senior network technician, Samantha Dalton, commented in the Burton Mail:

“Most customers don’t realise the problems that this can cause,

“It’s amazing to see the pictures from our recent work, but it would be very disappointing to see this build up again.

“We have found some businesses, for example one pizza restaurant, putting vast quantities of fat down the sink which is compounding the issue.”

Homeowners are being reminded that fats, sanitary wear, nappies, contraceptives and make up wipes should all be disposed of in the general waste instead of being flushed down the toilet.

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