A new antibacterial foaming gel is being promoted by London drainage company Thames Water in a bid to stop homeowners from using wet wipes which block the sewer system.

The new gel: Freshu is the brainchild of a former Oxford University student who wanted to develop a liquid which could be used in conjunction with regular toilet paper without it disintegrating.

The new solution is a viable alternative to using wet wipes which do not break down and add to Thames Water’s £12m spend every year on unblocking the region’s sewers.

The new gel gives the same wiping experience as a wet wipe but without the problems:

The head of affinity partnerships at Thames Water, Nick Sumption said:

“We never expected to be discussing this but we have to adapt to the changes in our customers’ behaviour, and research indicates that using wet wipes is a growing phenomenon,”

“The problem with wet wipes is that they do not break down like loo roll does, and they can cause nasty blockages in our sewers, which can in some cases lead to sewage backing up into people homes and gardens.

“Freshu is used on normal toilet paper, so it won’t block your pipes or ours. Remember: keep the wipes out of the pipes.”

Freshu foam can be ordered from the Thames Water website.

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