Perhaps the most common reason for a drain blockage in the city of London is the liquid fat that is deposited down the drains by unwitting homeowners and commercial property owners who do not realise the damage that can be caused.

Many people still carry out the practice of disposing of liquid fat down their drains. And this can not only be a long-term problem, it can also be a problem which causes heartache in the short term too.

When fat is disposed of down the drain it can quickly cool and solidify into a mass of immovable gunk. This mass is then a sticky haven for anything else which is disposed of down the drain, so blockages quickly follow.

Every year thousands are spent by water companies who try to educate people on what can and what can’t be put down drain, but unfortunately the practice continues.

Drainage engineers in London luckily have a few tricks up their sleeves to solve drainage problems caused by fat. And their best tool in their arsenal to solve fat-bergs is called high pressure water jetting.

In the pressure jetting process the team of drainage engineers direct a stream of water down the drain, which blasts the fat from the insides of the drainage pipes. This fat can either then be washed through the system or retrieved via the nearest manhole cover.

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