One of the problems with a blocked drain is that the symptoms rarely reveal themselves at a time that you might consider to be convenient. Not only does this make it easy to overlook or forget the issue until the symptoms become more serious but it also means that many homeowners opt for DIY solutions and quick fixes to get their sink to drain, or to eradicate a smell, rather than tackling the problem at the source.

What happens then varies depending on the severity of the blockage and how long it is left – however, it seems safe to say that without professional drain unblocking London services, many homes are not doing themselves any favours by patching over the issue themselves.

In this blog, we compare DIY fixes with professional unblocking services, to demonstrate which is better and why.

How to handle a drain blockage yourself

There are some things that homeowners can do to alleviate minor blockages – including pouring a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, or simply boiling water, down the blocked drain in an attempt to cut through and disintegrate whatever has caused the blockage. This is often only effective in the face of very minor and fresh blockages which haven’t been allowed to collect over time.

Why professional services are required for significant drain blockages

One of the biggest challenges associated with drain blockages is the complete inability to see the blockage or diagnose it with the naked eye from ground level. The complex network of pipes which make up the drainage system means that identifying and isolating the blockage – and treating it – is near impossible for homeowners to do without professional intervention.

Which is where London Drainage Facilities come in. Armed with industry-grade equipment which includes water jetting systems and CCTV camera devices for identification, there is no blockage too severe or too well hidden for our team to identify, isolate, and treat. While some instances require simple jetting to break the blockage down and wash it away, other more complex cases require our CCTV cameras to be fed into the network – giving us visual access to the pipes, the blockage itself, and any surrounding damage that may have been caused.

Do you need professional drain unblocking services?

Many homeowners are familiar with the signs of a blocked drain; however, they do not act fast enough to halt the blockage in its tracks. Some of the signs that you might have a blocked drain include a bad smell around your drains, slow draining plugholes, and gurgling in your pipes.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then we recommend booking a survey and drain cleaning service with our experts today. And even if you are not seeing these signs in or around your property right now, we recommend getting in touch for a drain maintenance check to establish the condition of your drainage network and ensure that it is working effectively and efficiently.

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