We brought you news earlier in the week of the plans to build a new ‘super sewer’ in London to stop excess rainfall discharge pollution entering the River Thames. Well now more detailed plans have been revealed as part of a public consultation that is expected to last another 13 weeks.

The ‘super sewer’ will follow the route of the capital’s river and will run for 20 miles from the west of London to the east. The ‘super sewer’ also called ‘The Thames Tunnel’ will closely follow the contours of the river at a depth of around 75 metres. The route to the east of Tower Bridge is yet to be decided, with the tunnel expected to follow one of three proposed routes.

At the moment, raw sewage is released into the Thames at least once every week due to rainfall levels. The Chief Executive of Thames Water, Martin Baggs stated:

“Allowing sewage to continue to overflow into the river at the current frequency is unacceptable.

“This causes significant environmental damage – killing fish, polluting the river for those who wish to use and enjoy it and affecting the wellbeing of our capital.”

It is hoped that London drainage problems will be alleviate when construction is completed in 2020.

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