If you live in a hard water area such as London, your drainage pipes can develop a coating on the inside called scale. This scale is due to the mineral deposits in the water and over a few years can actually reduce the pipe diameter by some extent. Scale isn’t a smooth substance and can cause problems for homeowners because sewer pipes that are scaled are more likely to become blocked.

Descaling services in London have become very popular over the last few years. A professional drainage company will use an electro-mechanical cutter to remove the scale from the inside of the pipe and hence restore its diameter to its previous waste carrying capacity.

If a drainage company have not inspected your drainage pipes for a number of years, perhaps now is the time to have a CCTV survey done to view the extent of the damage? The CCTV survey will give you an in depth report of the current condition of your drainage pipes and will make necessary recommendations so the system can be brought up to current standards. And more importantly, so you don’t get a blocked drain.

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