The following news story just goes to show that drainage problems are not just confined to residential areas and business premises in big cities as cricketer Stephen Harmison found out this week.

The second day of the County Championship match at the May’s Bounty ground in Basingstoke on Wednesday was beset by poor weather which put the rest of the following day’s play in severe doubt.

The target of Stephen Harmison ire was the drainage systems in place at the venue, which he believed was not fit to cope with the downpours.

The cricketer said:

“I don’t mind festival cricket, but counties are spending fortunes on drainage and trying to get games flowing quickly, and then you come here.

“Ten minutes of rain and the game’s been called off for the day.

“If you were at the Riverside or the Rose Bowl, this would be gone within two or three hours and we might be playing again by five o’clock. This game might not start again.”

The ground was deemed unplayable after the outfield got flooded and the cricketer has called for new drainage systems to be installed that are equipped to deal with this amount of rain.

This situation highlights the need for effective drainage in order to prevent flooding and ensure that these kinds of problems do not keep on resurfacing.

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