Members of the general public rarely make comment on their local sewage treatment works, yet they rely on them on a daily basis. Even when the works are upgraded or additional treatment areas are added, does it rarely make even local the news. One new treatment works which did however feature in the press recently was the new Crake Valley Wastewater Treatment Works – and all because they were blessed by the local vicar.

Reverend Canon Gary Wemyss from the St Mary the Virgin Church in Penny Bridge conducted a short ceremony at the treatment works on their opening day on July the 7th.

The vicar’s ceremony also included a minute’s silence for remembrance of the London bombings on the same date in 2005.

The project manager, Paul Romanko, stated:

“We have done this once before and people liked it so much we thought we’d try it here. They thought it would be a great idea.”

“There was so much interest while we were building the works, and people were so accommodating, that we wanted to say thanks and show them what we were up to all those months,”

The new facilities took over a year to complete and replace septic tanks in Greenodd and Penny Bridge.

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