Blocked drains are a common part of owning your own home. At some point in any homeowner’s life they will have to contend with some sort of drain blockage. Common things which block a drain include grease and fat, hair, silt and leaves. This debris stops the flow of water down the drain and causes the blockage.
The most common places for drain blockages in the home are:

The kitchen sink

The small drainage pipe underneath the kitchen sink is perhaps the most likely place for a drain blockage in the home. Food debris and congealed fat gets stuck in the pipe just beneath the sink and slows the flow of water. Blockages here can normally be removed by using a plunger or a drain cleaning snake.

The bath tub

Blockages can occur under the bath tub in the small pipe that leads away to the main drain. These blockages are normally caused by hair build up and soap scum and are easily removed by using a drain unblocking solution which is available from your local supermarket or hardware store.

For blockages which can’t be removed or blockages which are more serious, it’s always advisable to phone drain unblocking experts who’ll be happy to assist.

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