A collapsed sewer in Welling has led to the death of around 1,000 fish in a stream in Danson Park, Bexleyheath.

Bexley council were called by concerned members of the public at the end of November after dead fish were noticed in the stream leading to Damson Park Lake.

After an investigation Thames Water found that sewage had found its way into the stream after a sewer in Welling collapsed. Officers from the Environment Agency were called to the scene, where a film of sewage fungus covered the bed of water.

Jonathan Taylor, the area base controller from the Environment Agency said:

“This is a serious incident and our officers have been on site over the weekend placing booms to stop the spread of the pollution.

“The Environment Agency will continue to oversee the clean-up of the incident with Bexley Council and Thames Water. The investigation is ongoing and we have no further details at this stage.”

A spokesperson for Thames Water stated:

“We got to the lake as quickly as possible to reduce the impact, and have been working with the Environment Agency to clean up the stream and pump air back into it.

“Any incident that harms wildlife is deeply regrettable.”

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