Buying a house can be fraught with anxiety. There’s so much paperwork to do and so many things to be aware of that it’s easy to miss something important.

Most of us who buy a house need to have some sort of survey done, either for the mortgage company or just so we can see if there are any many major problems before we part with our money. However, the survey you have very rarely looks at the condition of your drains.

Water searches will show you where the drain that leaves your home enters the public sewer system, and will also show you where the water supply enters your home. But these don’t give you any indication about the condition of these pipes.

The only way you can be sure that the drain which leaves the home is in good working order is to have a CCTV survey done of the drainage system. If you have a CCTV survey, a report will be generated which will detail the condition of the pipes and suggest whether any extensive work is needed to the drainage system.
CCTV surveys are not costly when you compare them against the cost of replacing a collapsed or ancient drainage system.

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