In part one of this article we discussed the problems associated with leaks around the home and how you should check potential leak sites on a regular basis.

Waste water connections should always be checked alongside general water connections. If a waste water pipe were to fail, a usual problem alongside the water is the nasty smell that can emanate from the drain. The waste connections under a sink or a bath are usually only push-fit, so these are common failure points. It’s also worth checking the connections between your toilet and waste water pipe to see if these are in good condition. Plastic connections can deteriorate with age and cause untold damage if left to leak.

Further checks should also be made outside your home. The waste water pipe will usually be situated on the side of your house and lead your waste to the public sewer system. Although it is difficult for a homeowner to check the condition of the inside of this pipe, it is a good idea to check the outside of it for cracks or damage.

If further problems are being experienced a phone call to a local drainage company should be all that is needed for them to come and check the drainage system for you. They have the latest CCTV survey equipment at their disposal which they can insert into the drain to check for issues.

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