Every household will have a leak from a water source at some point in time. However, if you give potential leak sites a check every so often, the chances of a serious leak happening can be reduced.

Most leaks in a home are due to problems with kitchen taps or bathroom taps. However, leaks can also occur on your waste water system and if they do are usually a messy job to fix.

Once every couple of months it’s worth taking a walk around your home from room to room and inspecting points at which a leak may occur. In the living room this may just involve a quick once-over at radiator valves to check no connections are weeping, but in the kitchen or the bathroom a little more checking may be needed.

Leaks on your central heating system such as at the boiler or from a radiator can cause the pressure to drop in a combination system which can result in the central heating system not working. A dripping tap in the bathroom may be nothing more than a faulty washer which needs to be replaced. But if a waste water pipe is damaged, you might notice more than just a wet patch.

Continued in part 2

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