Drains and sewer systems get blocked due to different objects like food waste, oil and grease build-ups in drains, etc. These are some items that are mostly used near or poured into the kitchen basin. Besides this, structural defects can also cause drain blockage problems. As time passes, poor joints can get weak and create leaks in drains.

For proper drain cleaning, special tools and equipment are required. Thus, opting for a professional drain cleaning service is a good option. Drain jetting is one of the popular techniques used for cleaning drain pipes. This technique not only clears the pipes of dirt, but also removes all particles and objects that cause drain blockages.

When a drain blockage problem is big and complex, professionals use CCTV drain surveys to determine the actual cause of the problem. As professionals have the required machinery and expertise, they can get your drains cleaned quickly and effectively.

Some advantages of CCTV drain surveys

Many times, it is difficult to identify the actual problem that cause drain blockage. This is when a CCTV drain survey plays a crucial role. It helps professionals to look for the exact problem and cause of drain blockage.

In this technique, professionals insert a small camera into drain pipes. This then transmits images from inside the pipe to the computer in real time. Due to this reason, CCTV surveys are quite helpful in offering a bigger picture of the pipe. Moreover, this technique can be initiated without causing any modifications to the drain pipe.

As the task of drain cleaning is not easy, it is better to call for professional drain cleaning services.

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