Britain’s first Green party MP, Caroline Lucas, has given her support to an initiative by Southern Water to encourage businesses to stop pouring waste cooking oils and fats down the sink and dispose of food waste as earthworm feed, instead of putting it in the general waste.

Southern Water state that around 75% of all drain blockages in the South of England are caused by residents putting fats and oils into their drains. When the fat solidifies it causes a blockage that has to be jetted or excavated to be removed.

As part of the initiative Southern Water wants customers to be aware that solidified fats can have damaging effects to the nation’s drains and have enlisted the help of Magpie, who will provide collection and recycling facilities for waste fats and oils.

Caroline Lucas stated:

“Sending food waste to landfill and oils down the sewers can have a negative impact on the environment. Offering oils and food waste collection to our residents is not only a great way to cut down on waste but also a good and sound way to protect the environment.”

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